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Landscape Design

Our design services are strictly for customers who are considering our landscape installation services.   

The Design Process:
Contact us to talk about the type of work your interested in.  We can then schedule a time to meet.  Our consultations are generally set between 8:00a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday.
During the initial meeting, we will complete a walk through of the property to discuss priorities & expectations about your landscape, and talk about your landscape budget.  At this point we will give a cost estimate for design. We will then go through a questionnaire together to aid in tailoring a landscape design to your specific needs and requirements. All information will be held in strict confidence and will help us to clarify the site’s potential and stimulate a workable design. This generally takes about one hour and will start the process of determining the 
best overall solutions for your landscape. We will schedule a second meeting at this time.

At this point, we take site measurements, thoroughly analyze existing site conditions, and photograph elements in your yard.  

Next, we will create a  landscape design using CAD software that includes a scaled drawing consisting of hardscape elements, plant bed lines & plant layout. Then we create an image using 3D Imaging software to give you an idea of what your landscape would look like after the work is installed.

At the second meeting,  we present the plan to you  to review & answer any questions. At this point we discuss any necessary revisions and the effects on overall cost.  Once the plan and financing options are set, we can schedule a date to begin your project.


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