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Landscape Maintenance / Lawn Care

Many of our residential and commercial customers have enjoyed using our service for many years. Contact us today for a free estimate and we promise to provide you with the quality & service you expect. 

Please see our list of services below and let us know how we can help maintain your landscape & lawn. 

Lawn Mowing

Contact us today for a lawn mowing quote. 

Pruning of Trees & Shrubs

 Regular & correct pruning keeps shrubs & trees healthy & vigorous and prevents potential problems. Carefully pruned flowering shrub not only blossom profusely year after year, but also remain a desirable size. Pruning tree limbs on a regular basis improves tree health, controls growth, and enhances fruiting, flowering, and appearance. 

Removal of Trees & Shrubs

Complete tree & shrub removal service including stump grinding 

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